Glimpses of Malibu Complete Trend Blend-February 2022 Fashion Fix-Paparazzi Accessories

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Featuring playful styles accented with fun pops of color, the Glimpses of Malibu Collection is an endearing assortment of cheerful and whimsical laid-back fashion. From the bubbly outgoing socialite who isn’t afraid to make a fashion statement to the introspective wallflower who is charmed by soft feminine prints and flawless finishing touches, there’s something for everyone in the Glimpses of Malibu Collection.

Includes one of each accessory featured in the Glimpses of Malibu Trend Blend in February's Fashion Fix:

Necklace: "Fairytale Fortuity" (P2WH-PKXX-460GJ)
Earring: "Sentimental Setting" (P5WH-SVXX-276GJ)
Bracelet: "Serendipitous Shimmer" (P9WH-PKXX-302GJ)
Ring: "WISTFUL Thinking" (P4WH-SVXX-196GJ)

Because life is too short to wear boring jewelry! Paparazzi jewelry and accessories are always lead and nickel compliant-Monique's Bombshell Bling Boutique

ORDER DATE: 02/04/22

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